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The Ultimate Insulated Decorative Fireplace Draft Stopper

The Ultimate Insulated Decorative Fireplace Draft Stopper

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Introducing the **Hearth Stopper**, your premier solution to prevent cold drafts and save energy, all while adding a touch of elegance to your home. Made right here in the USA, our patent-pending Hearth Stopper fireplace cover seamlessly blends functionality and style.


26x38" - will insulate Fireplaces up to that size and below.

**Key Features**

- **High-Quality Material**: Crafted from Thermomolded plastic with an insulated core, the Hearth Stopper is resilient against cold drafts that devour your home's warmth.

- **Versatile Design**: Comes in two sizes to ensure a perfect fit for most fireplaces.

- **Safety First**: Keeps young children and pets away from fireplaces, and prevents pests like wasps, spiders, and rodents from sneaking in.

- **Easy to Use**: Sturdy yet effortlessly removable, setting up your Hearth Stopper is a breeze.

- **Customizable Aesthetics**: Designed with a woman’s touch, it promises an appealing look that complements any home décor, transforming your fireplace into an eye-catching centerpiece.

- **Proudly American**: Celebrate quality and innovation from a woman-owned family business located in the suburbs of Kansas City.

**Why Hearth Stopper?**

Every homeowner with a fireplace knows the frustration of pesky drafts. In fact, the Department of Energy states that you might be losing up to 30% of your home's heat through an unattended fireplace. Don’t rely on makeshift solutions like taped-up trash bags or unsightly insulation boards. Instead, trust the Hearth Stopper – a decorative fireplace cover that offers more than just protection against drafts.

**Additional Benefits**:

- **Save on Energy Bills**: Third-party tested for its efficacy, our fireplace cover acts as a barrier against heat loss, ensuring your home stays warm and cozy.

- **Protect Against Pests**: From birds and bats to raccoons and spiders, the Hearth Stopper stops unwelcome guests in their tracks.

- **Enhance Home Décor**: Refresh the look of your living space. Fireplaces are often the heart of a living room, and with the Hearth Stopper, you can make sure it shines.

**Our Story**:

Birthed from the heart of a mother wanting the best for her child, the Hearth Stopper journey began in 2016. From a DIY solution to combat a cold floor to a painstaking 3-year process of perfecting the design, this fireplace cover was born out of genuine need and innovation. Today, we're proud to present a product that not only offers an efficient solution to common household problems but also adds value and beauty to your home.

**Final Thoughts**:

Opt for the Hearth Stopper – where practicality meets elegance. Say goodbye to discomfort and embrace warmth, safety, and a refreshed aesthetic for your home.

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