YES! The Hearth Stopper is easily removed in less than 10 seconds.

The Hearth Stopper has 0.75 inch long felt weather stripping to fill the mortar joints to keep your family comfortable.

As long as the cover is larger than the fireplace opening and there are no obstructions, there should not be an issue keeping your family comfortable.

To use the Hearth Stopper you will need to remove those old ugly doors. Most fireplace doors are easily removed by loosening the knobs on interior of the fireplace opening.

NO! Fireplace doors are designed for when a fire is lit in the fireplace. They do not prevent drafts or insulate.

YES! The US Department of Energy has determined that homeowners lose between 15-30% of their heat through unused fireplaces.

FALSE! Dampers are made of metal. Metal on metal does not create a seal to stop a draft.

The Hearth Stopper is designed to be used on a cold fireplace. After having a fire in the fireplace ensure the fire is completely out and the fireplace temperature in under 100 degrees before using the Hearth Stopper.

Yes! To use the Hearth Stopper on your zero clearance fireplace, you will need to remove the doors. Most doors are easily removeable. Please check with the insert manufacturer how to remove and reinstall the doors.

There are several different way to determine if you have a fireplace draft. An easy way is to place a candle in front of your fireplace. If the flame of the candle dances or moves to one side or the other, you have a draft. Another easy way is to blow out a candle in front of your fireplace and watch where the smoke goes.

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