About Us


Why Hearthstopper?

The Hearth Stopper is designed through a woman’s eye with a woman’s touch. It is attractive, durable, functional and a “Wife Approved” remedy to common household problems.  

The Hearth Stopper is a Woman Owned Family Business located in a suburb of Kansas City. The Hearth Stopper was created out of necessity for problems that did not have an attractive solution. The DIY remedies for these common problems are unattractive, flimsy and leave the fireplace inoperable. 

We provide Patent Pending Decorative Fireplace Covers to combat the following problems listed below.


Fireplace Drafts

  • Save Energy and Create Comfort by battling the draft created by your fireplace. 

  • The Hearth Stopper has been third party tested and significantly reduces fireplace drafts. The Department of Energy states that homeowners lose between 15-30% of their heat through an unused fireplace. 

  • Our Fireplace Cover contains insulation that is designed with a high thermal resistance to keep the cold out and the heat in.

  • The Hearth Stopper is designed with long felt weather stripping to fill mortar joints to create maximum esthetics and comfort. 

Pest Control

  • Deter pests by closing off access points

  • The Hearth Stopper has been designed to close access points for large pests entering your home. 

  • Common pests that enter through fireplaces are Wasps, Spiders, Birds, Bats, Bees, Rodents, Snakes, Raccoons,Scorpions, Squirrels and other large insects. 

Home Decor

  • The Hearth Stopper is designed with aesthetics as a priority. 

  • Typically, fireplaces are the focal point of a living room and the attractive customizable design gives homeowners an affordable functional option to update their home.