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How did we get here?

The story of how the Hearthstopper went from being an idea to reality.


Our Story

Hearth Stopper is a woman owned family business located in a Suburb of Kansas City. The Hearth Stopper was created out of necessity. 

In 2016 the owner’s first child was born and they were unable to lay their young child on the living floor because the floor was too cold. It was determined that the cold air was coming from draft in the fireplace. The DIY solution of a trash bag taped over the fireplace did little to solve the problem.

An extensive internet search revealed there was not a product on the market to that efficiently stops this problem. The next DIY solution was to tape insulation board in front of the fireplace which had a mediocre result. The embarrassing explanation of the hideous pink insulation board to visitors was certainly a deal breaker. 

In 2020 in the midst of the pandemic the patent and design process was started for a removable, insulated, esthetically pleasing fireplace draft stopper

3 Years of trial and error and learning the manufacturing process, the Hearth Stopper was born. 


Our Promise

2 Year Warranty

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